In the year 2002, the Occidental Mindoro Polytechnic College, in accordance with the provisions of the higher Education Modernization Act of 1997 otherwise known as RA 8292 was integrated in to the Occidental Mindoro National College and was designated as the center of research, extension and production of the Institution. It also houses the Agriculture Department which offers Baccalaureate Degrees such as: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Science, Animal Science, Agroforestry and Agribusiness; Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education major in Crop Science, Animal Science, and Food Technology; and Bachelor in Agricultural Technology.


The college is strengthening its human and physical resources to become responsive to its mandate as an institution of higher learning. This is being carried out through the operation of relevant courses that are expected to redound to significant changes for the benefits of the Mindoreños and for the generations to come.




Center of excellence in agriculture and technology in Occidental Mindoro responsive to global challenges.



Committed to train and develop highly competitive, innovative, resourceful and values oriented graduates through appropriate technology-based instruction, relevant research, community-based extension and sustainable production.



Goals globally competent graduates responsive to the socio-cultural, economic, and environmental needs of the community.



1.  To provide relevant curricular, co and extra-curricular programs that will train students in the scientific habit of thought and entrepreneurial skills.

2.  To equip students to become technicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers and extensionists with abilities needed to make practical applications of theoretical knowledge.

3.  To develop among agriculture students’ entry level occupational proficiency in clusters of jobs in agriculture and other related fields

4.  To train students in scientific development, utilization, distribution and conservation of agricultural and related resources.

5.  To enhance students, faculty and staffs capabilities through researches and extensions, trainings and seminars and other related learning activities.

6.  To forge partnership and networking with other stakeholders and clienteles.

7.  To develop environmentally sound, sustainable and cost effective technology package (techno-pack) for agriculture and other related fields.

8.  To promote the province’s heritage through participatory approach in the enrichment of Mangyan culture and other wealth.

9.  To advocate the restoration and conservation of the environment and natural Resources (sustainable development).