The Research and Extension Council—the policy-making body of RDE Unit, shall be constituted to serve as the clearing house of ideas on the research and extension priority setting, implementation and evaluation of the whole college.

It shall be headed by the RDE Director or his/her equivalent and composed of the RDE Coordinators for OMSC System, Research Specialists, Research Analyst, Associate Professors and Faculty members with track records as members.


Duties and Responsibilities


1. Formulates, reviews and recommends policies, plans and programs, guidelines and regulations pertinent to the research and extension program of the entire College.

2. Screens research and extension proposals (faculty and students) for implementation and funding.

3. Reviews and endorses research and extension papers to be presented in the national and international conferences.

4. Reviews and endorses research and extension papers to be published in scientific journals.

5. Implements a system of monitoring and evaluation of on-going research and extension project.

6. Develops a system of providing incentives to promote excellence in research and extension.